When it comes to finding the best one-stop tire shop that includes everything you need to keep your wheels in good working order, then you need to visit the professionals at Vallejo Tires & Wheels.

What Vallejo Tires & Wheels Offers for You

There are a number of services that Vallejo Tires & Wheels offers for your vehicle all for low, competitive prices that makes the most out of your trip to our shop.

Tires & Wheels: We pride ourselves in being the best tire and wheels shop in the greater Vallejo area. We have the tires both new and used for your vehicle and provide the best in wheel care services to ensure that you stay on the road.

Alignments: All it takes is a rough ride over a few potholes or rugged patch of road to cause your wheels to go out of alignment. Our professional wheel alignment services ensure that your wheels wear evenly and provide maximum fuel efficiency when you are driving. Having your wheels aligned regularly can help save you money in both fuel and tire replacement.

Brakes: Replacing brake pads is part of what we do at Vallejo Tires & Wheels. We have the trained professional personnel to properly replace your brake pads and ensure that they wear evenly so that you get the most out of your investment.

Oil Change: An oil change is more than just replacing the oil in the engine as it is preventative maintenance that keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Over time, oil can pick up dirt and debris that interferes with the overall performance of your engine. With regular oil changes, the engine of your vehicle will run smoothly and lessen the wear on moving parts.

Why Choose Vallejo Tires & Wheels?

For over a quarter century Vallejo Tires & Wheels has been serving the greater Vallejo community with the best in services at low, competitive prices that are satisfaction guaranteed. If you are looking for new and used tires for your vehicle, particularly passenger or light truck models, then you have found your place at Vallejo Tires & Wheels.

Our philosophy is providing what customers need when it comes to the best in tire and wheels on the market for a low price. Over time, our services have expanded to encompass brakes, oil changes and wheel alignment because it makes good business sense. Vehicles need regular oil changes, wheel alignments and brake services on a regular basis and going to one location that provides all of those services is of great help to our customers.

Plus, we offer the best in parts such as valve stems and tire disposal rotation, lugs and locks, customized chrome & black rims that come with the tires to make your vehicle really stand out. In addition, we provide a complete oil change and service for your brakes, shocks, ACC and all of your tire needs. When you need the best at low, affordable prices that fit your budget, Vallejo Tires & Wheels is here for you. 


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